Success Stories

The success stories below offer a glimpse into how the team at Catherine J. Hunter & Associates works with people to heal, positively respond to change, and find joy in life. Catherine and her associates are proud to recognize the achievement and hard work of these clients.

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1. Alcoholism Recovery Success Story
Ann had relapsed from her first Alcoholics Anonymous treatment. In addition to alcoholism, she experienced strong social anxiety, so it was very difficult for her to get up in front of a big group at the AA meetings. She experienced panic attacks just even thinking about going to the meetings.
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2. Alcoholism and Spouse Grief Recovery Success Story
Maria was becoming more and more concerned about her oldest daughter’s drinking habits. Her daughter had just graduated from law school and there seemed to be an issue. Her worry was causing panic attacks and a feeling of helplessness. After helping her daughter fight alcoholism, she also unexpectedly lost her husband.
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3. Weight Loss and Verbal Abuse Success Story
Jill planned to have gastric bypass surgery because she needed to lose 100 pounds and manage her diabetes. Before having the surgery, her insurance company required her to receive counseling. Jill was surprised that her counseling sessions uncovered verbal abuse by her family and that she was stuffing down her feelings with food.
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4. Family Crisis Success Story
Wendy’s family was splitting apart. Her husband’s family constantly controlled her immediate family, and her own daughter continually tried to divide family members. Eventually a crisis in control and loyalty occurred because her own daughter decided to move in with Wendy’s sister-in-law. “It felt like “do or die” to save my family,” said Wendy.
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5. Sexual and Physical Abuse Recovery Success Story
Linda had witnessed a murder at 3-4 years old, was molested three times between the ages of 7 to 17, and had been raped at 18 years old. She had also experienced physical and verbal abuse from her parents and boyfriend. These events, in addition to the recent relationship break-up and miscarriage, had caused anger, depression, anxiety, and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
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6. Grief Recovery and Self Esteem Success Story
Heather experienced depression caused by a job loss, the death of her beloved father-in-law, and the devastating diagnosis of her dog’s terminal cancer. She sought counseling to reconnect with joy and live her dreams.
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7. Grief Recovery Success Story
Susan experienced two painful endings: the passing on of her mother and the closing of the Christian elementary school that she founded. She sought help to manage the grief and regret.
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8. Grief Recovery Success Story
Amelia lost her mother to cancer only a few weeks after having her first baby. She had not taken the time to grieve and sought counseling to help heal her pain.
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9. Marriage Counseling Success Story
Jim and Lisa came to counseling because of broken trust issues in their marriage related to finances. The couple discovered that issues from their past were affecting their marriage and ability to communicate with each other.
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