I have known Catherine Hunter for over 20 years. She and I had been in a small group for many years prior to coming to her professionally. I can attest to Catherine’s prophetic gift and her professionalism. I struggled with depression and thanks to god’s guidance, He brought Catherine into my life after many years. I knew I needed to seek Catherine’s guidance professionally. Catherine has many gifts and her greatest gift is of discernment. I worked with Catherine through some terrible trials with my family for over 3 years. I praise God for bringing Catherine back into my life literally the day I needed and through counseling and faithful prayer I walk on the other side of the storm. Catherine has been there for me through the darkest days of my life. God bless you Catherine, I am blessed to know you.

Alice – 2018

“I help thousands of women each year with perinatal disorders. If counseling is needed, I only provide referrals to therapists of the highest quality and knowledge and Catherine Hunter meets those standards. Her deep understanding of perinatal disorders, especially the risks factors and current information on reducing impacts, enables her to reach out and help in the most effective way. She excels at preparing women for what to expect with a great deal of compassion and empathy. Her unique strength is supporting women in whatever way best helps them, including encouragement, prayer, and support of medicine/no medicine decisions.

In addition to referrals, Catherine co-presented with me on perinatal disorders at an Alexian Brothers Hospital behavioral event. I focused on the medical side and Catherine presented the value of Christian counseling. We received terrific reviews.

I greatly admire Catherine’s many strengths and trust that she will do her best for the patients.”

Leslie Lowell Stoutenburg RNC, MS
Manager, Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorder Program
St. Alexius Medical Center & Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital

“Catherine served as a counseling advisor for a new program in our ministry called Surrendering the Secret, Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion. She worked with us in two capacities—as a professional coach to prepare us for leading the sessions and a voice of encouragement and reassurance for the women involved.
She has such a strong understanding of the emotional process that she prepared us for what to expect and anticipated the needs of the participants. Sharing this painful event can be very difficult and Catherine provided tremendous support to a woman who told the story during our group of her abortion for the first time in 50 years. As the woman experienced a surge of regret after telling the story, Catherine spoke words of encouragement and reinforced her capacity to walk through the healing journey. Today, this woman walks with a bounce in her step and has a new freedom in her life.

Catherine’s heart and faith drew her to support the program. With her help, we are now running our third program and continue to educate women that it is never too late to heal.”

Michelle Schaefer
Associate Children’s Director of Early Childhood
The Great Adventure
The Children’s Ministry of The Chapel, Grayslake, Illinois

“I had the wonderful experience of working with Catherine Hunter as a peer in Women’s Bible Studies at The Chapel in Lake Zurich.

I admire her strong passion for helping women become involved in the church community. As the women’s study group leader at The Chapel, she put that passion into action and helped coach the group facilitators, teaching them how to work with a group and providing counsel during any challenges. You could see each facilitator’s confidence grow, which ultimately strengthened the program and the commitment to serve. She also helped inspire everyone as an amazing speaker who can make stories and scripture come alive. Her authenticity and vulnerability helps her make real connections with people.

Catherine can see the whole picture, from perceptive insights to the tangible change needed. She is a remarkable leader and motivator.”

Lynne Skiffington
Volunteer, Ministry Placement, The Chapel, Lake Zurich

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